11+ English! Overview

What Will Your 11 Plus English Tutor Teach Your Child?

Clare has planned the English Club so your child will be taught the relevant creative writing and comprehension skills required for the 11+ English Exam. 

Year 4 Autumn 

Flex those creative muscles!

  • This term is all about getting to know your child's strengths and weaknesses on a teaching level. Introducing a range of fun growth mindset activities and developing your child's indivdual voice through focused writing tasks e.g. image-based story prompts and written story starters.

Year 4 Spring 

Learn how to be a skilled writer!

  • In this term your child will be equipped with a range of writing formats required for the 11+ including short stories and exciting descriptive pieces. We will also focus on applying core skills and techniques that underpin excellent writing. 

Year 4 Summer

Fine-tune your inference skills!

  • During this term we will focus specifically on comprehension skills, particulary tbose demanding inference style questions which can really challenge your child's thinking skills. We will also cover Poetry comprehension skills, where your child will be introduced to a range of thought-provoking poems and taught how to analyse poetry with confidence. 

Year 5 Autumn 

Sharpen writing & comprehension skills!

  • This term is particulary fluid because I will hone in on key areas that your child will benefit from the most. Knowing your child on an indivdual level will now enable me to accelerate their written skills at an effective and comfortable pace. 

Year 5 Spring 

Exam-questions, without the pressure! 

  • This term we will begin to look at previous 11+ English papers from relevant schools. With a strong foundation built in Year 4, your child will have ample opportunity to demonstrate their creative confidence and application of skills. We will also cover the importance of looking at the number of marks awarded for different styles of questions, as this is key to structuring answers.

Year 5 Summer

Timed Papers

  • This term your child will have plenty of practise with timed exam papers to ensure they are exam ready. The papers will contain both comprehension and creative writing questions. 
  • We will also look at time-management techniques to maximise marks. 

Year 6 Autumn 

Exam season! Be bold. Be confident.

  • With core skills and plenty of practice under your belt, your child will feel confident and eager to shine in their English exams and life beyond! We will continue to hone useful exam tips and learn some essential interview strategies. 

Year 6 Spring & Summer 

Fostering lifelong learners!

  • The exams are now over, however, your child is very welcome to stay on for the remainder of Year 6.  Giving your child the exciting opportunity to extend their creative writing skills beyond the school classroom, whilst feeling well-supported for Year 7. 

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