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What I do

Creative. Supportive.

Positive. Structured.

Clare is a qualified and former London Prep School Teacher who now lives in Devon. She inspires bright, underconfident children to develop their individual voice through creative writing. Nurturing a growth mindset is a key feature of Clare's teaching.

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As a Creative Writing Tutor & 11 Plus English Specialist I support children who are:

Shy and would like to feel more self-confident. 

Eager to be gently 'stretched and challenged' beyond the school curriculum. Ready to empower their individual voice to achieve confidence, enjoyment and exam success.

What is a Creative Writing Tutor?

A Creative Writing Tutor can help unlock your child's creative potential. Read more >

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New to tutoring?

Clubs Your Child Will Love

Below are some popular creative writing clubs and classes that run throughout the year. If you're not sure where to start or just want to talk to Clare, book a free 20 minute telephone consultation and she will gladly advise on where to start. 

Growth Mindset Mini-Series: 'Voice Your Mind'

A growth mindset can strengthen your child's self-belief, happiness and success. Read more >

'Clare has an innate warmth, calm and kindness - perfect for setting any child at ease. She is clearly passionate about her subject and her well-planned online writing lessons inspired the same enthusiasm in my daughter...' Parent  

Love To Read!

There's nothing better than children wanting to read. Books can open up your child's imagination and fuel their ideas for creative writing. It just takes one good book to give your child the reading bug!

Have you ever noticed that good writers are also good readers? 

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To empower children to develop their creative voice fostering self-belief and self-confidence.


To inspire the next generation of creative individuals.


To empower bright, shy children to develop their creative voice and nurture a strong growth mindset. 

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