Virtual Creative Writing Clubs

Made for Gifted and Bright Children.
Shining a light on your child's storytelling voice with teacher and mentor Clare.

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How Creative Hare Can Help

Gifted and bright children can feel misunderstood or under challenged in the classroom. By joining a club of like-minded children, your child will thrive in an equally nurturing and challenging environment. 

Learning to play with creative ideas is often what it takes for children to leave their comfort zone and relish storytelling! 

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 My daughter Leia (Year 3) loves the lessons with Clare because they are structured in a fun way that encourages imagination... 

Most Popular Courses

Courses Your Child Will Love

Below are some of our popular courses that we run throughout the year. If you're not sure where to start or just want to talk to Clare, get in touch and she'll gladly advise on where to start.

'I need to do creative activities but it's more than that. Creativity is who I am and I want people to know it. I love to write and books give me ideas and I need time to relax and think about my ideas' Child, England

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