Commonly Asked Questions


Q. Will my child be suited to a Write! Club? 

All the clubs are specifically designed for Gifted and Bright children. Exceptionally bright children  have a high IQ but this does not always translate into academic success across the curriculum. They may struggle with perfectionist tendencies, low self-confidence and benefit from a more nuturing approach, in order to bring about positive changes. Bright children are also welcome. They are often high achievers at school and love the creative freedom and personal satisfaction that comes from writing stories. 

Q. What makes Creative Hare tutoring unique?

As an experienced school teacher, my teaching approach is driven by my belief that given the right conditions every child can maximise their potential. Each child’s approach to learning is individual, so creating the ideal emotional climate and tailored support enables my students to find their voice and a love for learning. Establishing the right chemistry is the foundation of my bespoke tutoring style.  

Q. What technology do I need for online tuition?

Having a stable internet connection is essential and being as close to your home router as possible is ideal. Prior to your first tutorial you will need to enable your device’s inbuilt microphone and camera. Please note that Bluetooth ear plugs can create an echo and are not recommended for use during sessions. 

Q. What do I need to do before my first online tutorial?

Before each tutorial you will be emailed printable PDFs for the session as well as a link to your Zoom session, which will be password protected. Please ensure your child has lined paper for writing and colouring pencils. When your tutorial is due to start simply click on the Zoom link in your email. Please ensure your child is suitably dressed and hydrated, small snacks during a session are fine and can be helpful to give your child an energy boost!

Q. What are your fees?

Course fees vary depending on their length and duration- please see the current Write! course page for up-to-date pricing information. A free trial is offered for all Write! Clubs.

Q. Do I have a DBS Check?

Yes, I have a current enhanced DBS certification and I am on the DBS update service. I am also a member of the Tutors Association, the only UK government recognised body for tutoring.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

24 hours’ notice is required for the cancellation of a Write! Club tutorial. If you cancel a tutorial within 24 hours of the lesson commencing, full payment will be required. If the required notice periods are not upheld, full payment will be required. Allowance will be given to clients in exceptional circumstances.

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