Commonly Asked Questions


Q. What makes Creative Hare unique?

I empower children to develop their voice to increase their creative confidence and self-belief. I unapologetically believe that the best mentoring and indeed exam preparation instils values relating to mindset and lifelong learning, so children can thrive, not just in their exams, but in senior school and life beyond.

Q. Do I have a DBS Check?

I am registered on the DBS update service and have enhanced DBS certification. I am a member of the Tutors Association (TTA), the only UK government recognised body for tutoring.

Q. Will my child be suited to Write!?

The original Write! Club has been designed to cater for bright children to express their creativity through story writing, under the guidance of a qualified teacher. It’s also a fun opportunity for children to share their love of stories with like-minded individuals.

Q. What is the 11+ exam?

The 11+ is a selective entrance examination that is a rigorous process. The content and style of questions can vary between schools but most papers will comprise of English, maths, verbal reasoning (VR) and non-verbal reasoning (NVR), in addition to a pupil interview.

Q. When should I start tutoring for the 11+ exam?

This depends on your individual preference and what you consider is best for your child. Most parents begin preparation in Year 4 and Year 5; and some early birds begin even earlier, a lot depends on your child’s attainment level, character and response to pressure. The majority of parents who start in Year 5 say they wished they’d started preparation earlier.

The increase in work load in Year 5 is evident in the majority of schools, so establishing a 11+ prep routine prior to Year 5 can have numerous academic and emotional benefits for you and your child.

Q. What can 11+ English! offer your child?

Prepare in good time and stress-less is the crux of the matter! 11+ English! is aimed at children in Year 4 so we can build a strong foundation of KS2 core literacy skills, under the guidance of a qualified teacher who will support your child through their entire 11+ journey. Careful preparation will ensure your child has sufficient time to strengthen their weaknesses, whilst gearing up to feel mentally strong and confident, ahead of past paper practice in Year 5. The group is for children who are performing ‘at’ or ‘above age-related’ expectations in English.

Q. Should I choose small-group 11+ tuition or 1:1?

To join the 11+ English! Club your child will need an age-appropriate level of concentration. This isn’t always apparent until you start, so a taster session will help us see if your child is suited to a group setting or whether 1:1 would be a better fit. The group is for children who are performing ‘at’ or ‘above age-related’ expectations in English.

Q. What technology do I need for online tuition?

Having a stable Internet connection is essential. Please ensure you have downloaded the Zoom App prior to your first lesson. One-to-one lessons involve the use of shared online board so having separate devices for Zoom and the board is ideal. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with Zoom as we can iron out any tech issues at the start of your first session, so future sessions run smoothly.

Q. What should I do before my first online session?

A day before your child’s introductory session you'll be emailed any PDFs, as well as your Zoom link and online board link, if relevant. As soon as your child is settled, you can leave them to get on with their lesson. Please ensure your child has a writing notebook and a pen at the start of their lessons.

Q. What are your fees?

Write! costs £21 per child, per session. 11+English! costs £25 per child, per session. Payment for the clubs is required in advance, either half-termly or termly. A free taster session is offered for all Write! Clubs. One-to-one tuition starts from £52/hour.

Q. What are your Terms and Conditions?

24-hours’ notice for a cancellation is required for all lessons. Cancellations within 24-hours of a class commencing will incur the full lesson fee. If I cancel a tutorial, I will try to ensure it’s re-arranged within the same week. In the event that this isn't possible, no lesson fee will be charged. 

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