11+ English! Club


11+ English! Club

A brand-new and exciting opportunity for Year 4 students to join a small, online English club. Taught by Clare, a former Prep School Teacher in leading SW London co-ed and single-sex schools.

‘Child-driven not test-driven’

I believe the best way to prepare for the English 11+ Exam for competitive London schools is by harnessing children's natural curiosity and enjoyment for learning, without compromising on skills and knowledge. It’s a balancing act!

In a Nutshell...

11+ English! is the perfect place for families who value an enriching and balanced educational experience. If avoiding the herdlike mentality and pressures of Year 5 11+ prep sounds enticing, this club was made for you!

Have a burning question? Check out the FAQ page here.

Your Dedicated 11+ English Tutor

11+ English! is a new and bespoke after-school online club that has been carefully designed by Clare to meet the needs of children in Year 4, with a view for them continuing in Year 5 and the beginning of Year 6, when children sit their 11+ exams.

Dates & Times

Start Date: Monday 12th September 2022 (excluding half-term) Time: Mondays 5:25pm (GMT)

A Unique 11+ English club Where the Small Things Matter

  •         An optional 10 minute 1:1 student chat with Clare. A chance for your child to ask any questions  before our introductory session. 

  •         Includes a science inspired mini-series of Growth Mindset activities that promote the benefits of embracing challenge and a positive                       ‘I believe I can...’ spirit, vital for success. 

  •         A relaxed yet focused 1:1 (10–15minute) review chat with each student at the end of every term. A chance to have a good check-in and                    ensure we are maintaining momentum. 

  •         Group size: 3-4 children

Club Benefits 

  •      Exciting book recommendations
  •      A weekly feedback email for parents  
  •      Strictly limited to 4 children to carefully track individual progress

More Club Benefits...

  • Comprehensive teaching of creative writing and comprehension skills, designed to consolidate, stretch and extend your child's abilities. 
  • A structured yet flexible approach: Each term has an overall plan for English topics and key skills, so there are plenty of opportunities for your child to show progression. Parents will be sent a break-down of each term’s topics in advance. Click here for an overview for each year group. 
  • Bespoke growth mindset activities included in the Autumn term. 
  • Weekly parental feedback, to keep you in the loop.
  •  Due to children's workload, optional homework will only be offered in Year 4.  
  •  Includes a 1:1 end of term review with each child. These will take place over Zoom.

  Spaces are strictly limited to 4 children and registration is now open for Year 4 students to begin in          September 2022!


Ready to Succeed? Let's Go!

  • 'Stretch & Challenge': Your child will work hard consolidating their writing and comprehension skills, an enriching experience that will nurture lifelong learning. 
  • Growth Mindset: Learning to believe you can succeed is crucial and is at the heart of 11+English!
  • Nurturing confidence: I know how important it is for children to feel relaxed in the presence of a new teacher, so every child is offered a 10 minute 1:1 Zoom chat. A chance to say 'hello' and ask any questions ahead of our first lesson. 

Structure & Format 

Introductory Session

  • 10 mins - Welcome and a fun vocabulary warm-up activity.
  • 10 mins - Use of a creative image or video for discussion and sharing of ideas for planning an exciting  description.
  • 30 mins - Focused writing time with specific guidance for individuals.
  • 10 mins - A science inspired growth mindset activity.

Flexible Advance Payment

Each weekly session is £25 per child. You can choose to pay by Bacs transfer either half-termly or termly.

If you would like to know more before booking a FREE TRIAL for September 2022 contact Clare to arrange a chat.  

11+ English! membership rolls over on a half-termly basis. However, you are free to cancel your booked tutorials provided you can give at least 28 days written notice. 

                                    How does the online format work?

Parents will be emailed a Zoom link which will enable you to access each lesson. Having a stable internet connection is vital, as well as enabling your device’s microphone and camera. We will also use a shared online writing board for our lessons. Having a quiet place for your child to concentrate during their lessons is also essential. 

Lessons are interactive and your child will be gently encouraged to share their ideas with others in the group. Microphones should remain on throughout lessons, so children can spontaneously share their ideas in a respectful manner. Confidence and communication skills will be nurtured in a supportive and relaxed environment.

Your child will need to have writing paper for the start of each lesson. Perhaps this is also a great opportunity to buy some new writing pens and a practical writing notebook for all their writing!

If you have any questions about your tech set-up fill in the contact form or email clare@creativehare.co.uk 

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