Write! Online Writing Club


Write! Online Writing Club

Write! challenges and inspires children who love to write and explore their creative voice. Covering a wide range of topics, these perfectly sized classes (3-4 children) allow writers to go a step further than their school English lessons, stretching their imagination and potential.

Nurturing young voices with a passion for writing

Write! courses are all about having fun - allowing keen writers to collaborate with a small group of like minded children to air their ideas and improve their abilities.  With just 4 children in each Write! club, it’s a place to make friendships, enjoy social time outside of school and be inspired by other curious writers.

These term-time courses aren’t pre-defined and focus on shining a light on each group’s interests, whilst also exposing children to a wide breadth of genres and techniques.  Themed Write! clubs can be created for specific topics, or you can put together your own group of friends and request your own theme for a personalised course experience.

The Essentials  - Dates & Times 

8-9 year olds

NEW: For International students 

Autumn 2022 Tuesdays 3pm (GMT) 

Just beginning their writing journey, these children are at the perfect age to harness their energy and enthusiasm and set the tone for their future school career. 

10-11 year olds

 Summer Term 2022: Tuesdays 4:15pm (GMT) 

Upcoming dates for Autumn 2022 TBC

At this age, children are at a critical time in their school journey. Sessions will work on building a lifelong passion for writing and help give your child confidence in other areas of school life.

10-11 year olds

For International students

Autumn 2022 Wednesdays 3pm (GMT) with more dates TBC

Write! A child-led Club

The original Write! club is driven by a fluid curriculum designed to cover a wide breadth of genres and styles to ignite children’s imaginations and spark a passion for discovering their own writing style.

Beginning with games to enhance collaboration, build social connections and have fun, the course moves on to expose children to a wide range of topics including mystery, sci-fi, classic adventure and story challenges.  As the course progresses, children can suggest the genre they want to explore further and the pace can be set by the individuals themselves.

How your child will benefit and grow

  • Inspiring a lifelong love of writing and storywriting 
  • Fostering critical thinking, problem solving, communication and interpersonal skills
  • Increased confidence in collaboration, speaking and writing
  • Gaining a clear knowledge of story structure and writing strategies

Structure & Format

  • 10 mins - Warm-up and an introduction to the session, designed to revise knowledge and inspire creative ideas
  • 40 mins - focused writing time with specific guidance for each child 
  • 10 mins - 'Reflect and Share' as a group to boost confidence and consolidate learning

How does the online format work?

  • You'll be emailed a Zoom link the day before the first lesson.
  • Please ensure your child has writing paper and a pen at the start of each lesson.
  • After your child is settled you'll be able to leave them to get on with their lesson. 
  • Lessons are interactive and your child will be gently encouraged to share their ideas with others in the group. Microphones are allowed to remain on throughout lessons, so children can spontaneously share their ideas in a respectful manner.
  • Confidence and communication skills will be nurtured in a supportive environment.

      Any questions about your tech set-up email clare@creativehare.co.uk 

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