Why Is Learning Hard?

Can you remember the time your child first learned to write? What was it like for them? Did they have moments of joy and moments of frustration? I’m sure it was a mixed bag of delight, intrigue and impatience!


The science behind learning is fascinating because it shows us when we struggle with something our brain struggles too, so neurons link up with one another, making new, strong connections.


In effect, when we struggle our brains are growing. That’s why bright children who tend to avoid challenges ‘coast’ with their learning. By avoiding challenge, children enjoy feeling comfortable not having to put effort into their work. Whilst work feels easy, feelings of boredom and indifference can set-in when our brain isn’t being stimulated.


If you have a bright child who you think would benefit from having their creative spark ignited, a Creative Writing Tutor could help them leave their comfort zone and experiment with their ideas. Here are 4 ways your child will benefit from having their own personal Creative Writing Tutor:

1.)   A super opportunity to develop their voice and grow in confidence by sharing their ideas.

2.)   A safe space to have their creative writing skills ‘stretched and challenged’. Even if your child at first resists they will soon enjoy the feeling that come from succeeding at a challenging task.

3.)   Develop a Growth Mindset. Mindset plays a hugely important role in our attitude towards learning. Having the extra encouragement to persevere and overcome mistakes will teach your child the value in never giving up.

4.)   The classroom is a busy environment so your child will enjoy the personalised attention they receive from their own teacher outside of school!


If you prefer the idea of a writing club for your child, here are 4 ways your child will benefit from the experience:

1.)  A chance to meet new friends - yeh!

2.)  An opportunity to inspire and be inspired by others in your group. A small-group comprising of 3-4 children can be really fun and relaxing at the same time.

3.)  A collaborative experience where are encouraged to share their ideas as well as listen to others. This makes for a dynamic and positive learning atmosphere.

4.)  Increase your child’s motivation to write. Listening and seeing others engaged in their lesson will encourage your child to think, write and keep writing!

Learning at its best is messy because it’s through making mistakes that we improve and do better. When children learn that making mistakes are a normal part of being human, they naturally relax more with their work. And we all know, when we are relaxed, we are more geared up to do our best and enjoy our learning experiences!

If you're interested in a Creative Writing Club or 1:1 tutoring, please email clare@creativehare.co.uk to arrange a time for a chat.  

Posted on May 20th 2022

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