Tips To Enhance Your Child's Creative Confidence

Follow these tips to get your child's creative juices flowing and watch them flourish! 

  Validate Your Child’s Feelings

  •   Let your child know that you acknowledge and accept how they are feeling. Open acceptance and understanding will increase your child’s self-esteem and sense of wellbeing.

  Free Time

  •  Giving children plenty of free time will increase their self - awareness and enable them to develop their own interests. Be open to them having interests that are different to yours and take them seriously.  

  Normalise Mistakes

  • A fear of making mistakes is one of the biggest enemies of creativity. Let your child knows it’s part of being human to make mistakes and perhaps try turning a mistake into a positive experience! The emotional climate you create at home is really important. Strive to get it right and your child will feel free to explore and take risks because they feel safe and encouraged by the people they trust most in the world.

Mind Mapping

  • Consider different solutions to the same problem. This encourages an open and flexible mindset showing children there are multiple ways to solve a problem. 

 Never Stop Learning

  • Make a list of new experiences the whole family could enjoy! For example, a woodfire pizza class, a chocolate workshop, a wreath-making workshop or try making some home-made bath fizzes!  Most of us like to play it safe and feel like the ‘expert’ because it feels comfortable but a new experience will show your child they have the ability to adapt and improve and why not have some fun in the process?

Embrace A Little Or A Lot of  Mess (depends on your tolerance level)

  • EEK, I realise this may be hard for some of you but bear with me! Given the opportunity, children love to be busy creating something of their own. It’s fab to see children totally absorbed in an activity of their choice, whether that’s in wild spaces or indoors. How about using some recycled materials to decorate your home at Halloween or the festive season? Perhaps see who can make the longest, decorated paperchain, after all, a little bit of competition is only healthy! 

Posted on October 8th 2021

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