The Notion of Giftedness

The notion of giftedness is surrounded by a degree of mystery. As a society, we sometimes aren't that comfortable with understanding the gifted child as a whole. This may be due to a lack of understanding of the wide-ranging characteristics associated with giftedness.There's the idea that gifted children have it easy because they can do everything without any noticable effort. However, this is only one part of their indivduality. The assumption that gifted children are exceptionally bright is common knowledge, but wider characteristics are less well-known. For example, gifted children tend to be highly senstive which leaves them prone to developing emotional problems as they fight to understand the world as it is. Due to feelings of being different to others, children sometimes struggle to make friends with their peer group. This can lead to a lack of confidence and low self-esteem, while they struggle to be accepted. Being gifted is so much more than having exceptional abilities. It's a feeling and a way of seeing the world and it is this element that is missing from our understanding of giftedness. 

Schools vary in their approach to gifted children. A lot of the time, many gifted children fall under the radar because they are not high-achieving at school. These indivduals may be very strong-willed who frequently test boundaries as they don't feel constrained by school rules.This can lead to disruptive behaviour in the classroom which doesn't neatly fit society's mould of the perfect gifted child. Giftedness can also run alongside other neurodivergent 'conditions' which contribute to making it harder to spot in some children. 

In my next post I'll be exploring some of the behavioural characteristics commonly found in gifted children and what you can do to help your child thrive. 

Posted on June 11th 2021

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