Summer Reading 2022

Curling up with a good book is a wonderful thing. The summer holiday is the best time to kick back and read those books that have been on your ‘must read’ list for too long!

Here are my 7 tips to foster your child’s reading habit this summer:

1. )  Pick Your Own Books

This will have the following benefits:

  • They’ll begin to develop their own reading taste, giving your child a sense of autonomy which will increase their self-esteem and inspire more reading.
  • Makes reading a pleasurable experience. When your child loves reading they’ll develop their empathy skills and absorb new words, without even realising it.
  • The more they read, the better their understanding of the written word and the better their creative writing skills. 

2.)  Summer Reading Challenge 2022

For children who relish a challenge (in the book department) then how about taking part in the Annual Summer Reading Challenge? Children set their own reading goals and can review books as they go along! There’s a Science theme this year called Gadgeteers. Contact your local library for more information.

3.) Get to Know your Local Bookshop 

How about browsing the bookshelves of an inviting bookshop? If your child is a reluctant reader you could arrange for a family member or friend to take them instead, this will help reduce any feelings of pressure.

Once you’ve found a great book shop try to return regularly, so your child’s confidence grows when visiting a welcoming and familiar environment. You want them eager to bound in and browse those books!

4.)  Space to Read

Carving out time in the day to kick back with a book is worthwhile. Some children prefer to read in the evening whilst others prefer reading on Sunday afternoons. Give your child the space and freedom to read when they want to read. This way, they’re more likely to read for longer.

5.)  The Week Junior Magazine

This magazine is a great read for curious kids. Packed full of stimulating discussions and pictures! Children can learn about the world in a fun way without the boring bits. Other benefits include:

·         Sparking your child’s interest about real-life issues

·         They can read it from front to back in one go or dip in and out of it when they choose

·         It will get them talking to you!

6.)  Read To Your Child

If your child has a tendency to read a narrow selection of books but isn’t yet ready to embrace more challenging reads, bring the story to them instead! This might be particularly beneficial if you want your child to sit the 11+ exam. The earlier they are exposed to more challenging reads the better their creative writing skills will be.

Ask your child’s teacher or Creative Writing Tutor for some recommended books that you can read to your child at bedtime. You can reward yourself with a glass of vino afterwards, you deserve it! 

7.)  Books By Mail

Try a book subscription box service for your child such as, ‘lovemyread’. These boxes of literary joy also come with surprise treats.

These tips will help turn your child into a book worm so when you’re struggling to keep up with their appetite for books, ask them if they’d like to do a book swap with their friends. Sharing books we love will help keep the joy for reading alive. 😊

Posted on May 27th 2022

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