Summer 2022: Reading Fun!

5 Recommended Reads for The Summer

1.   Historical adventure fiction: ‘The Girl Who Walked On Air’ by Emma Carroll (9-11 years).

2.   Boarding school adventures: ‘Malory Towers’ by Enid Blyton  (age 9+). You can also watch the children’s drama series on BBC iPlayer.

3.   A classic story featuring a sand fairy called Psammead! ‘Five Children and It’ by E. Nesbit (age 9+).

4.   A fun story about one boy’s passion for bikes: The Boy who Biked the World: Part 1 On The Road To Africa by Alistair Humphreys (7-10 years).

5.   A page-turner and the sequel to the award-winning ‘Wild Robot’ by Peter Brown: ‘The Wild Robot Escapes’ (7-11 years).

           Create a Holiday Journal

  • Include your favourite holiday snaps, post cards from exotic places and any other memorabilia from your summer adventures.
  • Your child will love getting creative, capturing bits and pieces that are special to them throughout the long holiday!  
  •  Adding multi-coloured post-it notes can also add an element of fun when writing about their highlights.
  • Your child may wish to share their journal with wider family members, friends and their school buddies.

           Visit Your Local Library

  •  Libraries often host a variety of fun-filled, literacy classes in the summer holiday. Check out what your library is offering this summer.
  • If you haven’t yet ventured to your local library, the summer time is a great time to explore their offerings.

            Visit Independent Book Shops

  • It’s always fun browsing books in your favourite book store. Encourage your child to browse and choose their own book- you may be surprised by what they pick!
  • By letting your child choose their own book, they will learn to develop their own reading taste – it’s trial and error 😊 but well worth it when they discover more about the type of books they truly enjoy. No algorithm can replace the magic of exploring books!

           Create A Cosy Reading Space

  • Have fun creating a cosy reading space at home. It doesn’t have to be a huge space, in fact small and cosy can work better.
  • Somewhere quiet and comfortable is preferable, so your child can lose themselves in a good book or audio story.
  • You don’t need to use expensive soft furnishings, it’s more fun if the space is cosy and comfy.
  • You could add some twinkling fairy lights to help create a magically warm and inviting atmosphere.  

Posted on July 7th 2022

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