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Be a courageous lion!

During the summer holiday I’ve read some charming short and long stories, written by children who love their story writing! I’ve previously mentioned that I’ve spoken to a young writer called Esme who inspired me and lots of others with her courageous and clever story writing…some stories really do stick with you. This has led me to think about how we can tackle story structure in fun ways!

Why bother?

Whilst coming up with a story opener can feel daunting, developing your plot in an interesting way can feel like an exciting challenge or a murky task…

No matter how amazing your ideas, a sound story structure can help turn a good story into a fabulous story! Over the years, I’ve noticed that children learn to use story structure best when you gently guide them through their writing by asking them questions as they go along which stretches their thinking.  Picking the right moment to ask questions is also key! When this works well, children end up incorporating a structure to their story without even realising they are doing it. It’s awesome when this happens!

Planning Templates- love em' or hate em' ?

Planning templates are often used to help structure story writing. After years of using the tried and tested story mountain template, as trusty as it is, I think planning templates are a mixed blessing. Sometimes they can work wonders (when they have a unique layout) otherwise they can be frustrating (leaving you with a ‘here we go’ again feeling!) and tedious for some children. Some children much prefer to talk through their ideas rather than record them on a sheet, others like time to think quietly and some respond well to a good planner! More often than not, it’s simply the case of finding the right type of planners to suit individual tastes. Should be easy, right? Hmm well, I think it’s a matter of learning and tweaking to get things just right. Which camp are you in?

Check out some of my 'story structure' tips above for you to try in your next story!

Look out for the lion who represents courageous writers- sometimes you need to bold and brave to unfold the middle section of your plot. Have a go and make your story shine! 

Happy Writing Everyone!

Posted on September 3rd 2021

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