Slow & Thoughtful vs Fast & Energetic Writers

4 Tips for Slow & Thoughtful Writers 

  • Words and more Words...    

Try writing all the words and thoughts that pop into your mind, without judgement. You can use a notebook and don’t need to share this with anybody. Something you’ve written may be gold! And if it’s not, well, it doesn’t matter, plus it will remind you that no author wrote a great story from one draft. Words come and go, if you let them play!

  • Advice         

 Know that it is okay to share your ideas and ask for advice. Listen but don’t be afraid to make up your own mind.Go with what feels best.  

  • On-the-Go 

Use a notebook to jot down anything and everything of interest to you when you are ‘on-the-go’ e.g snippets of conversations and observations. This will feel satisfying and inspiring.

  • Believe

Learn to feel comfortable accepting compliments you receive about your stories. Don't doubt them, just believe them. Think back to them in moments of self-doubt. Psst… own your individuality!                    

4 Tips for Fast & Energetic Writers 

  • Balance      

Go easy on your use of character dialogue. Make it powerful and make it count!

  •  Character development 

Try giving more thought to your character’s feelings. Imagine yourself in their shoes, how would they feel and react?     

  • Be Inspired     

Be open-minded when you receive advice or ideas for your story. Try using someone’s suggestion and be honest about the positive effects you feel it makes. 

  • Endings     

Give as much attention to your endings as your beginnings. Will your next story ending be reflective, surprising or amusing?                                                  

Posted on July 23rd 2021

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