Overcoming The Wider Pressures Of The 11+

It's all in the mindset...

Empowering Your Child

There’s no right or wrong time to start preparing for the 11+ because every child’s needs are unique. 

However, I believe there’s more to be gained from the preparation process that simply being taught exam skills and techniques.

If thoughts of the 11+ make you want to reach for a vodka and tonic then read on...

  • Where children feel appreciated, happy, important and self-confident, is where they will come on in leaps and bounds. It’s that simple. 
  • Yes, there will be twists and turns along the way, but this is normal and it’s how you deal with the little hiccups that matters.
  • This gentle empowerment enables skilled tutors to embed the knowledge and skills necessary to maximize children’s potential.
  • Preparation is personal, it’s a challenge and an opportunity to enrich, discover talent, as well as resilience.

It may be worth remembering that whilst world class tennis players pay attention to their competitor’s game, they are 100% psychologically focused on their own journey.     

Anxiety vs Confidence

Resisting the urge to compare your child to another child by focusing on what matters most – your child, is a good place to start.

As a parent, feeling confident can be a great way to combat feelings of emotional intensity and anxiety, which will have positive effects on your child’s mood and motivation and in turn their performance.

Focusing On Your Child’s 11+ Goals

After a decade of hard-won successes, I’ve learned that in London, parental stress, often underpinned by doubt, is fuelled by a competitive culture of secrecy and high anxiety. You are the only person who can stop the 11+ syndrome in its track, before it gets the better of you..

Staying clear of this mental fog is a wise decision, which will strengthen your own sanity and your child’s progress. By focusing on your child, you’ll avoid falling prey to a myriad of unhelpful feelings, which quite frankly you can do without!

The 11+ Toolbox

I wonder how many parents consider how well their child will cope in senior school after the cushioning of intensive tutoring?

  • Have they developed more emotional resilience? Are they more self-confident? Can they recognise their successes? Do they know it’s ok not to know the right answer? Can they readily ask for help? Have they developed greater self-awareness?
  • Do they have more creative confidence? And have they learned the ability to bounce back from (inevitable) failures, needed in big school and life in general?
  • There is much to gain from effective tutoring. Embedding these soft skills into regular tutoring will teach your child how to manage their own tool box in order to thrive in school and in their personal life too.

These qualities are priceless because they are long lasting and will open up doors of varied opportunities, waiting to be taken.

Will your child dare to say yes to a golden opportunity?

Coming Soon…

Later on in the year I’ll be delivering an English 11+ Series, giving practical advice to families to help children succeed.   

Posted on January 14th 2022

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