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Creative Flair

It’s the time of the year when we start thinking about Christmas gifts for family and friends. Another thing to add to our mental to-do list! Our favourite magazines vie for our attention, enticing us with novel gifts, often with eye-watering price tags, too. And of course, virtual shopping fairs which are all the rage, are at our fingertips.

Some of us are super organised and have been taking mental notes on what to buy our loved ones since last Christmas. Others of us make it up as we go along, often putting it off until the last minute, hoping the perfect present will reveal itself, ideally before Christmas Eve.

How will you shop this year? Will you make an effort to be a more thoughtful shopper by buying local, sustainable, eco-friendly, charitable and educational gifts...?

Do you think it's possible to buy gifts that your child will really enjoy whilst being mindful of our environment? I believe it most definitely is possible by buying less stuff and choosing gifts with thought and care. Prioritising experiences over materialism is also fantastic way of giving children a more meaningful Christmas. 

There’s so much pressure on us to tick all these boxes that I suggest doing what you can and what feels right for you. Setting the right tone in a positive light feels certainly like a good thing to do!

Family Fun

With so many dogs being returned to shelters since the end of lockdown it’ll be a very long winter for some of our less fortunate canine friends. Supporting a local or national dog charity is more than ever, bound to be hugely appreciated.

Other than Christmas cards, I know it’s not often a place one might think of to buy gifts. How about purchasing some family card games from The Dogs Trust? I think the dogs and their carers will love you for it. Or how about their best-selling Pass the Parcel Sprout…enjoy the forfeits!

Get Creative - Bee An Eco-Warrior 

If you are DIY- minded, you may like to turn your skills to building your child/ren their own bee hotel made out of wood. You’ll need a good drill and some untreated wood, ideally. It doesn't need to be fancy and the bees will be so appreciative of their safe haven. 

The RSPB website has step-by-step directions in making your own Bee Hotel.  If you can’t face making your own or you think your kids would love to build one, there are lots of websites selling home-kits. Bright Minds currently sell Build a Bee Hotel Gift in a Tin. The Dogs Trust also sell Bee Hotels.

Your hotel will provide a cosy place for solitary bees to lay their eggs. Your child will love the fact that they’ll be able to see when bees check-in to their new abode! You could also buy a packet of wildflower seeds to attract lots of important-to-life creepy crawlies, including honey bees. These will make a great stocking-filler. Forget plastic-fantastic combs and other overpriced plastic tat, now is the time to get real! 

Encouraging your child to connect with nature is a gift which will last a life-time. The bees will be happy, kids will be happy, it’s a win-win.

Challenge Bright Minds

Bright children who enjoy mind-bending puzzles and are obsessed with showing off their quizzing skills love to give their brains a good ol’ workout! Wentworth Puzzles for kids are unique in their design and I highly recommend. Their top quality, wooden puzzles are challenging with intricate designs to keep your bright spark entertained for hours! Or how about a book on magic card tricks? Clever children who love card games also love to have a few magic tricks up their sleeve! The book, Magic The Complete Course by Joshua Jay looks great.

If your child is a self-confessed book worm they may like a subscription for the much-loved Phoenix Comic, suitable for children aged 7+. The comics are jam-packed with comics and inspiring history and science facts. A great present for a young, curious mind which will not only inspire you child to read more but to draw and write!  

Stimulate Scientific Minds

Pop into a local gift store and check-out some of their unique scientific gifts for kids. You don’t have to be a science geek to enjoy a fun science experiment from the comfort of your home! Bright minds often delight in the wonder of science experiments, messier the better. These will promise to engage kids, keeping them entertained for a lonnngg time! How about trying an Amethyst purple crystal growing kit?

Mulberry Bush has a wide selection of science kits for school-aged children. The Science Museum in South Kensington, London also has rather special science gifts, suitable for all the family.

Creative Classes

Christmas is a great time of the year to nurture your child’s passions or emerging interests! Giving them a gift of an experience will go down a treat! What better way to express your love than to nurture your child’s skill in a fun way? The experience will enable your child to meet like-minded kiddies and it may also prove to be emotionally meaningful! So, what creative workshop will you choose for your imaginative child?

An arty photography course

A tasty cookery class

A story writing class

A pottery class… to name just a few.

As we wait for the days to grow darker and chillier…perhaps a virtual class from the comfort of your home will suit or if you’re looking for something in-person, nowadays we can find a class to suit every taste and requirement.

Exciting Books

Fans of Harry Potter and Murder Most Unladylike by Robin Stevens may also like The Scarlet and Ivy Collection by Sophie Cleverly. It’s another well-written book series which is bound to impress your keen reader. The Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow by Katherine Woodfine is suitable for children aged 9+ who can keep up with fast-paced historical mysteries! The Percy Jackson Books by Rick Riordan are hugely popular with avid readers who enjoy engrossing Greek mythology stories with a light, entertaining touch.

Posted on November 12th 2021

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