FREE & FUN Summer Writing Assessments

Open to all children in Years 3 - 4.

The school summer holiday is the perfect time for children to unwind and re-energise: reading good books, swimming in the sea and of course, eating plenty of delicious ice-cream!

There’s room for a little bit of everything in the summer holiday so why not take advantage of a free creative writing assessment for your child?

Who will be your Creative Writing Tutor?

As an experienced Prep School Teacher and Children’s Writing Mentor, Clare knows exactly what ground needs to be covered and how best to help you increase your child’s creative confidence.

What does a 1:1 writing assessment involve?

The relaxed, one hour writing assessment will take place in the morning over Zoom, with the additional use of a  child-friendly whiteboard. Once your child is comfortable you can leave them to get on with their lesson whilst you're in earshot.

10 mins - Introduction and a mini warm-up activity.

5 mins -   A child-led discussion based on a creative image.

10 mins - Thinking time and story planning.

30 mins - Independent writing.

5 mins -   An opportunity to reflect.

Post-assessment: Parents will be emailed constructive feedback with recommended next steps within 72 hours.


1.)      A Second Opinion

Having received your child’s end of year school report it can be useful to hear a second opinion. Having the input of an impartial, experienced professional is no doubt an invaluable experience.

2.)      Fun Writing

Your child will enjoy the individualised attention they receive during their 1:1 lesson. With plenty of gentle encouragement to explore their ideas freely, your child will relax and enjoy their storytelling adventure!

3.)      Confidence Boost

When your child is encouraged to share their ideas freely their confidence will increase and their self-belief will grow.  

4.)      Gain Constructive Feedback

The session will give Clare a snapshot of your child’s writing ability and you'll receive relevant feedback based on valuable observations.

5.)       Enjoy a cup of coffee in peace!

 Grab a coffee, sit back and relax while your child is in safe hands and encouraged to get creative with their words. 😊

Who Can Request a Free Assessment?

  • Requesting a free assessment is open to all children in Years 3 - 4 and is perfect for children preparing for the 11+ exam.
  • Whether you’re preparing for the 11+ independently or employing a tutor, an assessment will help give you a clear  insight into your child’s strengths and weaknesses with suggestions to help them fulfil their learning potential. 

How should I prepare for my tutorial?

  • You’ll need to download the Zoom prior to the lesson and ideally have a second device, such as a tablet/laptop phone for the interactive board.
  • You’ll be emailed your Zoom link a day before your lesson starts.
  • Please ensure your child has a quiet space to work and paper/pens for their writing. Any questions about your tech-set-up you can email Clare ahead of your session.

To book your fabulously free assessment please email:

First come, first served! Available to new clients only. 

Posted on June 15th 2022

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