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I recently had the pleasure in speaking to a very bright and chirpy 7-year-old called Esme, an avid writer, who has proudly self-published a story called ‘My Dad Your Hero’. An amazing achievement, I was keen to learn more about what motivates Esme to write, as well as shining a spotlight on her creativity, in hope that it’ll inspire other children to follow their dreams. If Esme can do it, with the right support, so can you! 

From a very early young age Esme relished the wonderful world of words. Writing her own songs, she’d ask her Mum (much to her amusement) to post her performances on YouTube- love it!

At the height of the Covid pandemic, Esme’s Dad, a hospital doctor, worked tirelessly, the effects of which were strongly felt by Esme and her family. Emotions were running high for everyone so losing herself in story writing helped Esme to process her thoughts and feelings in very positive way.

There’s no doubt writing is cathectic. A great way of releasing thoughts and of course oodles of creativity, which otherwise may not have risen to the surface. Esme put her mind to writing the book when she was just 6 years old and she self-published it when she was 7 years old. With her Mum’s support, Esme has experienced exactly what it takes to get a book that you’ve written out there! She came up with all the ideas for writing her story, researched illustration styles as well as navigating the technical side of publishing. Phew… there’s a lot to it! The whole experience inspired Esme to enter a short story competition earlier in May at a local writing festival where she was awarded a distinction for her story ‘The Magic Orb’ (see her story below). Great fun and a great achievement! I love how one positive experience can open our minds to further opportunities for growth.

The Magic Orb

In the trivial village of Suspenseful Alley, Synaia stared out her window. Synaia had lived there since she was a baby, and nothing ever changed. Her mother was always telling her, one day something would change but it never did.

Synaia knew all there was to know about Suspenseful Alley. Today, she had decided to search through the internet. With a sigh of boredom, she closed her laptop. Without warning, a portal appeared. At long last, the excitement she had yearned for was before her eyes. Curiously, she extended her arm and grasped something unique. It was The Magic Orb.

 By Esme Ike-morris

Esme told me that she loves story writing because ‘you can’t get anything wrong’. How true I thought! The beauty of being able to play with words on our own terms makes writing such a satisfying past time for children (although let’s be honest, writing isn’t easy). Just because something is satisfying it doesn’t mean it’s easy…well sometimes, but not always.

Over the years I have observed that it is our own unique writing journey (ups, downs and unexpected turns) where children experience the most emotional gains and personal satisfaction. Gently guiding children to carve out a story is hugely rewarding because you see their individual creativity at play. When we discussed story endings, Esme said that she always enjoys a well-written cliff-hanger!

You’ll have to read her book to find out what type of story ending she chose…

‘My Dad Your Hero’ ‘written by Esme Ike-Morris can be purchased on Amazon and Goodreads.

So, what’s next for Esme? Well, she tells me she has plans for a joint writing project with her older sister. Sounds exciting - good luck, Esme!


Esme's self-published book
A story written by Esme (page 1 of 2)
Page 2 of 2
Awarded distinction for her short story!

Posted on August 20th 2021

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