Better Exam Grades with a Growth Mindset

Does your child believe they can succeed if they try hard enough?  

A lot of children who have the ability to pass exams are held back due to a lack of self-belief and a fear of failure. This is where a growth mindset comes in handy!

Students with a growth mindset are more likely to have a resilient attitude towards failure. They don’t crumble at the first hurdle or when they get something incorrect, they reflect and learn from their experiences, choosing to move forward in a positive direction.

Here Are 5 Ways a Creative Writing Tutor Can Help Nurture Your Child’s Growth Mindset:

-      RAPPORT: Building a trusting rapport is the foundation for academic and personal growth. It’s for this reason that investing in a tutor has the               potential to bring about lifelong changes in your child’s confidence, self-belief and enjoyment for learning.

-      CREATIVE VOICE: Each child has their own unique storytelling voice that’s waiting to burst out onto a blank page! With time and space to think,           your child’s voice will flourish.  

-      THINKING SKILLS: Giving your child ample time to think and construct their ideas slows down and magnifies the writing process. This will give               your child an enhanced understanding of story writing skills. Reflecting on their writing to understand how they learn will also stretch their                   metacognition skills.

-      FEARLESS WRITING: When your child receives individual attention from an encouraging tutor, they will feel spurred on to have a go and                       take risks with their writing skills.

-      CONFIDENCE AND SELF-BELIEF: A high-quality tutor has the potential to increase your child’s creative  confidence through regular writing                    practice. Whilst gently nurturing your child’s self-belief will bring about positive change - you just need some patience and understanding along          the way.


Preparing for the 11+ English Exam doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With the right mindset and commitment your child will feel confident and exam ready.   

Comprehension Skills Learning exam techniques and becoming familiar with different types of exam questions is essential for preparation. An 11+ English Tutor can help your child navigate the world of ambitious vocabulary and teach them how to confidently structure their answers to maximise their marks.

Creative Writing Skills Learning to write with creative confidence takes time and effort to master. Writing is a complex process so even capable young writers can benefit from having their confidence and skills nurtured, in order to maximise their marks.

What Can You Do to Foster Your Child’s Growth Mindset?

Here Are My 5 Top Tips:

-      Normalise Mistakes Let your child know that mistakes are a natural part of learning and they can prompt  us to do better.

-      Stay Positive Taking a positive stance will help your child relax and do their best.

-      Keep Your Expectations in Check Ongoing pressure and expectation can play havoc with motivation  and progress. Always have a variety of               options on the table, so your child doesn’t feel like a failure if one option doesn’t work out.

-      A Balanced Schedule Does your child have a balance between school work and relaxing activities? Children enjoy different activities – does                 your child have any keen interests?

-      Open Communication Let your child know that you are always there to listen and support them when they need.

-      Teach Your Child How to Assess Risk Help your child to navigate risk sensibly so they learn how to have a positive relationship towards risk. Talk         about risk in a proactive way, such as what steps you can take to minimise risk. This will help give your child the confidence to explore options.

Posted on June 12th 2022

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