Artistic Child

I absolutely love it when children show me their art work that accompanies a story they are writing. No really, I do. Especially when it is something they have initiated in their spare time. In a modern world where attention spans seem to have shrunk and everything competes for our attention, which can feel tiring, it is reenergising to see children’s creativity at play. It comes from a place of imagination and wonder.

During my time in the classroom, I’ve smiled through many ‘show & tell’ moments but nothing beats spontaneous sharing of the homemade variety!

The other week, a very talented girl from one of my Write! clubs showed me a gorgeous drawing of an owl that she had drawn (she had dutifully followed a YouTube tutorial and did the most amazing job!) This wasn’t any old owl; this was a magical owl from her story that she is currently writing. 

We’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking of potential titles for her story but she has yet to choose one, all in time, I say. I admire her dedication in finding the ‘right’ title. She then showed me a few other pictures that she had also drawn from her imagination which were so bright and vibrant.

During story planning time, I’ll often say to children they can draw their characters or other elements, to help them bring their story to life. Some children love it whilst others relish the time to think their ideas through in their head. I embrace both and I love it when children feel comfortable enough in the group to plan a story in a way that suits their style, whether that’s through dreaming-up ideas by staring out the window, note-taking, drawing on paper or an iPad. Having a fluid approach like this enables children to explore their creativity, without it feeling forced. I’ve been amazed by some of the artistic pictures that have been revealed, each one unique, characterful and often full of meaning, too!

Drawing like this seems to relax the mind, as well as improving focus and concentration. Timeless fun and endless possibilities…I’m looking forward to seeing new creations and wondering what dreams will come true. All in time, I say.

Posted on May 28th 2021

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