5 Recommended Reads for 11+ Reluctant Readers

Every book is a magical adventure, a journey through a different space and time, allowing our minds to drift off from the internal chatter constantly whirring away in our heads. Settling into a good book is calming and resets our minds, so we can focus our energies where they are needed, all we need is the right book to spark our imagination! When I hear a child wax lyrical over a particular book they’ve just finished reading, their enthusiasm shines through and isn’t this passion what we most want to foster?

As a reluctant reader at a young age, it wasn’t until I stumbled across a particular book series that I become a self-confessed bookworm. Very often that’s all it takes, one amazing book to captivate your imagination, so you never look back! Reading gives power to voice. When you follow a character’s journey through a story, you may relate to their predicaments, their thoughts, their actions and this has the power to reaffirm your own voice in the world. Reading is truly magical.

Here is a list of some books, loved by children that I have recently tutored. They are all well-written, imaginative reads and I highly recommend you try one of them. Enjoy!

1. The Invisible Boy by Alyssa Hollingsworth

2.  The Hardy Boys Mysteries by Franklin W. Dixon

3.  Lucky Button by Michel Morpurgo

4.  My Life as a Cat by Carlie Sorosiak

5.  Saxby Smart Private Detective by Simon Cheshire & R.W Alley

Written by Clare - Founder of CreativeHare

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Posted on September 24th 2020

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