3 Tips on How To Support Your Child

Supporting your child's interests will help them to fly!

No.1 Tip

Expose your child to different areas of interest, but try not to focus on one thing too much. Learn to introduce things gently and hold back, when necessary, this will give your child some breathing space. Having space in our lives not only time gives us quality time to think, question and problem-solve, it can also be a fun time for your child to experiment in their own unique way! Striking a balance between support and independence will allow confidence to flourish in new and beautiful ways!

Try to allow your child to lead…imagine you are a soft, squishy cushion ready to support them when they need it. Do acknowledge their interest and enthusiasm, but avoid hovering over them and jumping in whilst they figure out a problem for themselves. Let them struggle a little…

No.2 Tip

Really listen to your child

We all want to do things when we’re in the right mood. And when we’re not ‘feeling it’, well, that’s okay. Show your child that it’s okay to slow down and come back to something at a later time. Not everything has to be accomplished right here, right now. If your child is getting frustrated or seems overtired, leave them alone but let them know that you are always there for them. Watch and learn from your child.

No.3 Tip

Free time

What is your child inclined to do (naturally) when they are left to their own devices? Plenty of down time is important for little minds to calm down and this is especially important if your child is highly sensitive. Show you child that they shouldn’t expect to be constantly entertained, allowing them space to ‘just be’ will encourage them to feel calm.

Posted on September 17th 2021

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