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Is My Child A Good Fit For The Clubs?

Watch my video about traits in bright and gifted children. 

Bright children are keen to please their teachers and are often high achievers (although not always) experiencing academic success. They also ted to be curious about the world around them. If you know your child enjoys writing stories and would benefit from having their confidence and self-belief nurtured, please get in touch with Clare for a FREE trial and she'll notify you when a date becomes available. 

Gifted children, who according to Mensa represent the top 2% of the population are often highly sensitive and prone to perfectionism. If you think your child would benefit from a nurturing, relaxed writing environment. 

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How We Can Help Your Gifted Child

Gifted writers can feel misunderstood and alone in the school classroom.  Belonging to a Write! group, your child will feel they can be themselves with like-minded children and you will see noticeable social and emotional gains.

I know it takes more than a transfer of knowledge for your child to excel, it is about having the right mindset to be able to talk, listen and respond, which makes all the difference.

Groups are fluid so your child can move to another group based on their ability. Without following a rigid and pre-written programme, your child will flourish as they explore their creativity under the guidance of an experienced teacher. 

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